Team victory against Metta

21 April 2023

The 7th round of the Optibet Virsliga tournament brought Valmiera FC to Hanza Highschool where we played against FK Metta on the pitch. A complex game, but a victory was earned in the end. 1:0 was the final score.

The start of both halves went in favor of Metta who didn’t hesitate to involve themselves in battles for the ball and often dangerous attacks. Nothing to show for visitors, while Metta had multiple opportunities.

As the end of the first half approached the hosts turned another gear and kept attacking. The offensive effort got paused as the referee signaled the end of the first half.

In the second half, Carlos Olses made quite a few key saves and also had his teammates helping out by blocking all the danger. Finally, the first and only goal of the duel was earned. First, a corner kick followed – Alvis Jaunzems got to the ball and ran through the whole horizontal path of the penalty area, to then send the ball back to the left side and Balodis was there to finish off a header.

Very notable that Balodis’s goal was the only shot on goal that was registered during the entirety of the game.

Jurgis Kalns made tactical changes in order to preserve the lead – the defense was iron solid and even the five-minute added time didn’t give much hope for Metta.

Our next game will be played on Monday (24.04), when we will host FS Jelgava at the Valmiera Olympic Center stadium. Kick-off is set for 17:30.

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