Thank you, coach!

14 February 2022

Valmiera FC has ended their work cooperation with the club’s head coach Tamaz Pertia. Our former bench boss, who in the past three years had done an incredible job, which is the reason why we have been able to reach unexpected heights is close to signing a new contract with a different club. Due to these circumstances, he has requested Valmiera FC to release him from his duties as our club’s head coach as the negotiations with the new team are ongoing.


Tamaz Pertia: ‘’I want to thank Valmiera FC – everyone that I had a chance to work with, each and every player from 2019 until the very final game and of course the fans. I want to thank the management of the club that I was given the chance to lead this team. In these three years together we managed to achieve very good results. Thank you for your trust. I won’t be ashamed to return to this city, to watch football and celebrate the future achievements of Valmiera FC. Three years is enough time for work in one club, but most importantly – in this time we managed to get tangible results. It’s all because of the united work of the whole team. Once again I want to thank Valmiera FC management, they didn’t put any hurdles in my way of moving to a new club even though I still had two years left on my contract. A massive thank you to them for that exact reason.’’


Club President Uldis Pucitis: ‘’We have spent three amazing, successful years with Tamaz, we have made our Eurocup debut, we have earned our first medals and lived through many enjoyable moments. Each and every year we took a step forward. This year we want to continue the trend but in our separate ways. I want to thank Tamaz for the work he put into this team and the results that he brought us, his name will forever be recorded in the club’s history with bold letters. We’re not breaking up but in football terms – changing our positions to achieve new heights. Thank you and good luck Tamaz.’’


In the interim and until the appointment of a new head coach – the leadership of the team will be handed to current assistants, Jurgis Kalns and Gatis Kalnins.


On behalf of the club, we wish Tamaz success at the beginning of his new journey. Thank you, coach!

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