The fight goes on

24 September 2023

The battle for the third place of the Optibet Virsliga continued at the Jana Dalina Stadium. In the match of the 30th round, Valmiera FC played against the team of FK Auda. An emotional, physical match in which the visitors stood out this time, scoring two goals. That was enough for the opponent of Valmiera to take three points – the result of the game was 1:2.

Jurģis Kalns was forced to make changes in the lineup for this match – due to the card limit, Roberts Veips and Maksims Tonisevs had to miss the duel. Artyom Mylchenko was added to the starting line-up, and Emils Birka, who had missed the previous two duels, also returned after an injury.

The first half of the game was like a swing, there were opportunities for one, there for the other. While the home team had problems finding the frame of the goal, Auda had already done their job before the match. Several shots from a distance, which were also quite dangerous, Carlos Olses had to save the team several times, but there were also moments when he was not quite confident in his actions.

At the other end of the pitch, Roberts Ozols was forced to catch the ball in his hands from time to time to calm down the game. The first goal of the game came around the middle of the half when Reginaldo Ramires deftly hit the ball into the goal of the Jana Dalina Stadium. Celebrations, joy, but all in vain – Auda’s goal was canceled due to an offside.

The second half did not change at all, and Auda’s advantage in attack could be felt from a distance. The 55th minute of the game also brought a dark cloud over the sunny stadium. Oguniji’s shot on goal was saved by Olses before the Valmiera players watched as the ball found its way to Aleksejs Saveljevs, who powerfully struck the ball into the far bottom corner of the goal.

After the conceded goal, a fire appeared in the home team’s eyes and the creation of moments began, but it was quickly extinguished. One fell near the penalty area, the other in the penalty area, but nothing – the whistles did not follow.

If nothing happens at one end of the pitch, the show at the other end is guaranteed. This time, Ramiress was again in the spotlight. Split in the middle of the penalty area, effective goal, and 0:2. While celebrating, the player from Auda took off his shirt, for which he was punished when the game resumed, with an unsuccessful challenge and a second yellow card. Man advantage for Valmiera.

Man advantage? Well, that was for a short while, Leo Gaucho could not control his emotions and also received a ticket to the dressing room, and the teams again ended up with equal lineups. The hosts of the Jana Dalina Stadium scored the only goal in the final minute of the compensation time – Niks Dusalijevs took the initiative and scored the only goal, but unfortunately, there was no time to equalize. The game ended with a minimal score of 1:2.

We will play our next game on Wednesday (27.09) when we host the SK Super Nova Salaspils team in the postponed 24th-round game at the Jana Dalina Stadium.

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