Three points against champions

20 April 2022

In the 7th round of the Optibet Virsliga, the Valmiera FC team in a very emotional match managed to beat the current Latvian champion – the RFS team – with a result of 3:1.

The duel turned out to be very interesting from the get-go – in the very first minute of the game, a yellow card was shown to one of the opponents. Slightly later a flashy counter-attack led to a pass by Camilo Mena to Daisuke Yokota who entered the penalty area and with one touch directed the ball into the opposing net.

It only took seven minutes until the second goal when once again Yokota was precise in his actions – Mena kicked the ball at the net which seemingly was already flying in but just to be sure the Japanese football player was there to redirect the ball to assure a clear 2:0 in the game. Until the very end of the half, Valmiera dominated and goalkeeper Rihards Matrevics truly had to get involved on a single occasion.

The second half turned things upside down when it came to controlling the ball – RFS returned from the dressing room with a wish to find a goal using emotions. Already in the 51st minute, it poured cards – Masaki Murata, Daniels Balodis, Ivan Zhelizko received one each with only Arturs Zjuzins receiving a yellow on the other side.

A pause in the game and a counter by the home side led to an 11-meter penalty after Emerson found a way to fall in the penalty area. Petr Mares used his opportunity well to cut down the difference in the score to a minimum. The game carried on with RFS control and their dangerous attacks while our goalkeeper Matrevics showcased his skill in the goal, saving Valmieras hopes for three points on multiple occasions.

Both coaches went on to make substitutions and the joker card was pulled by Jurgis Kalns – Luka Silagadze came on the pitch and ran down the left side literally carrying the ball to the opposing penalty area where he with a simple and short pass found Alioune Ndoye who made no mistake to beat the goalie to reach the end result of the game 3:1.

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