Tough victory in Ventspils

16 May 2021

In Round 12 of the Latvian Championship, after winning over FK Ventspils by 2:0 on away game, we celebrated our seventh victory this season.

Compared to the previous game against FC Noah Jurmala, Alvis Jaunzems and Joyskim Dawa, two of Valmiera’s first squad players, has returned and was in the starting 11 against FK Ventspils. Nearly 19 years old Russian offensive midfielder Svyatoslav Kozhedub made his second game in a row in starting 11 selection.

Valmiera’s captain, Raimonds Krollis, started this game as the championship’s first-round best young player in expert judgment.

Ventspils started the game very aggressively, and they were the first who threatened the opponent’s goal – the first and not the last little victory in this game was achieved by our goalkeeper, Rihards Matrevics.

Soon after the initiative in this game was taken by players trained by Tamaz Pertia, and if not for the success of former Valmiera goalkeeper Vladislav Lazarev in Ventspils goal, the result would have been opened well earlier in the first half.

Anyway, it took 41 minutes waiting for the first and subsequent second goal. First, after a rude mistake by opponent full-back and quickness by Camilo Mena he easily scored the goal, then, a few minutes later, 18-year-old Columbian was fouled just outside of the penalty box, freekick was taken by Kozhedub – he doubled the result by striking the ball with his left foot, the ball ricochet against the wall, and successfully found the net behind the Lazarevs back.

We could score more in the second half if not for the poor converting of our goal-scoring chances. Ventspils also had a number of very good opportunities. The greatest occur in the 65th minute when a penalty was addressed on to Matrevics goal. It was performed by the hosting team’s effective striker Marks Kurtiss, however, Matrevics repelled his shot, even more, he caught the ball convincingly.

At the end of the game, Pertia subbed on a number of fresh forces, which also safeguarded the result convincingly, leading the game to victory and three points.

In this round, the two Valmiera competitors, Riga FC and RFS, also celebrated their victories, so all three of them have been able to pull away from their closest competitors. Valmiera FC’s next game is scheduled for Wednesday, May 19, at 19:30 Vidzeme Olympic Centre.

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