Training camp ends with a draw against Dynamo Kyiv

26 February 2023

Valmiera FC in Turkey played its closing Test game before returning home. This time, in a very exciting football match, an undistinguished 1:1 was reached against the Dynamo Kyiv team.

The game started very actively, Dynamo Kyiv footballers went forward from the first few minutes, while the Valmiera FC team needed time to get into the game. By reaching the halftime equator, the two teams were already forming attacks. On the possibility of getting the goals, both teams could complain because they occurred at the beginning and end of halftime.

The game‘s nominal home side Dynamo tried to surprise with quick counterattacks, and at times it seemed as if we couldn‘t handle it. In the fifth minute of the game, the ball was in the Valmieras goal, but fortunately, the goal gain did not count an off-side was called.

Also, the second halftime was exciting enough, both teams were able to score and the goalkeepers of both teams had to be involved much more. Kyiv’s side led the charge again, but Valmiera FC‘s capabilities were also felt. During the halftime break, the coaches of both teams decided to stick to their existing qualities, and no changes were made.

In the 49th minute, the chance to reach 1:0 Meissa Diop played with Maksims Tonisevs, who found Djibril Gueye near the goal, Djibril attempted to hit the ball in the net from the air, but the ball had other thoughts it bounced off of the post.

The result of the match was opened a little later. Dynamo’s players fell close to our fortress, the first shot was blocked, but the repeated opportunity created a ricochet, after which the ball nevertheless crashed into the goal.

The game was not thrown in the bushes and Valmiera followed by a very quick response. Renars Varslavans brought the ball to the front of the penalty area, where both Gueye and Diop were located, both ready to do everything to get the ball in and align the result. In the throng, the ball ended up being touched by Gueye, which allowed the result to be equalized.

In the remainder, opportunities for both Valmiera FC and Dynamo Kyiv teams. Both Alvis Jaunzema and Fraj Kairmani tried to demonstrate their power, as did the opposing players but the ball wouldn’t go in.

Jurgis Kalns sent both Niks Dusalijevs and Pape Yare Fall on the pitch in the 87th minute of the game, but this time it did not change anything, which meant a respectable tie of 1:1.

Our starting 11 vs Dynamo Kyiv: Carlos Olses, Emils Birka, Roberts Veips, Daniels Balodis(c), Maksims Tonisevs, Alvis Jaunzems, Ivan Zhelizko, Fraj Kairmani, Meissa Diop, Renars Varslavans and Djibril Gueye

Players involved from the bench: Pape Yare Fall and Niks Dusalijevs

This year‘s Turkish training camp is closed. The team will return to Latvia to take the final steps toward the new season of Optibut Virlīga.

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