Valmiera FC receive individual accolades

23 May 2022

Optibet Virsliga has announced and awarded the best-performing individuals. For Valmiera FC this meant a sweep in all categories available.

Our Camilo Mena was named the best player for the months of March and April, and our captain Raimonds Krollis was named the best young player while our own Jurgis Kalns was named the best coach.

Camilo Mena: ”I’m really happy to receive this award. I feel great on and off the pitch. I have to admit that this isn’t one person’s work, the whole team has helped me to achieve this – both teammates and coaches. I have been awarded before but in Optibet Virsliga it is the first time. I want to thank everyone who appreciates me, I’m really happy.

Raimonds Krollis: Of course, it’s always nice to receive individual accolades, but I don’t pay that much attention to it, because one day you can be the best young player, and the next you no longer are. Was it a surprise? Maybe, mainly because of my performance in the first lap of the tournament, I was surprised to receive the nomination. If I had to award any player, I think I would give it to Metta goalkeeper Janis Beks. I think that his style is very unique in Latvian football.

I’m thankful that this team, our team has allowed me and the whole staff to coach them in a manner that we see fit. Belief in each other is a part of the results. A link, our collective that has been shaped allowed all of us to be a part of this acknowledgment, but it is only the beginning, we have a lot of work ahead of us.

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