We are the champions

14 November 2022

In the match of the 36th round of the Optibet Virsliga, Valmiera FC beat the players of FK Liepaja with a score of 2:0, guaranteeing the team its first championship title.

The introduction of the match was rather nervous, as the rules were dictated by the players of FK Liepaja. Countless attacks on the goal of Valmiera FC, forced both our defenders and goalkeeper Rihards Matrevics to work. At the end of the first half, two opportunities opened up – first, Ivan Zhelizko tried to open the game with a free kick, but the ball flew over the goal. Camilo Mena’s chance on the counter-attack remained untapped, as the player shot narrowly but missed the goal.

The first half of the game ended with a goalless draw. This gave an even bigger push to the team, which came out of the second half literally flying. The team created many different moments, forcing the opponent to squeeze.

The first excellent opportunity was in the 52nd minute when the ball flew into the penalty area after a cross, but the captain of the team was just a little bit short of reaching the ball. The next similar opportunity followed a few minutes later when Raimonds Krollis made everyone who had come to support the team cheer – a cross from the corner, all the players went to the ball, but the captain was on his way to celebrate after he directed the ball into the goal with his knee.

The obtained leadership was not a reason to stop. It was necessary to continue playing, which opened corridors for both one and the other team. Exciting football, in which moments were created at both ends of the pitch. Both goalkeepers were able to save their teams several times, however, another moment at the very end of the game allowed the emotions to become even brighter.

In the 6th minute of the game’s compensation time, Djibril Gueye launched his last attack, which was spearheaded by Masaki Murata – the dashing Senegalese literally flew through the penalty area, hitting the ball into the goal and went straight to the stands, where both the team and the fans could start celebrating the championship.

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