Electric home victory against Tukums

8 July 2023

Round 22 of Optibet Virsliga – one last match prior to the UEFA Champions League qualifier. Valmiera FC and Tukums 2000/Telms fought for important points in the standings, but the affair turned out to be one-sided, 6:0 victory for the home squad.

Coach Jurgis Kalns made switches in the line-up as compared to the previous games – Carlos Olses returned in goal, Roberts Veips replaced Niks Sliede, Gustavo Silva and Kristers Cudars also earned their spot in starting line-up.

The start of the game marked a territory that showcased the capabilities of Valmiera FC – steady ball control and dangerous attacks, however, the goals did not come easily. The scoring was opened by Alioune Ndoye who in the 34th minute took his opportunity from the 11-meter mark.

Once the first goal was scored flood gates opened and just moments later Alvis Jaunzems took his opportunity and doubled the lead. Towards the end of the half another penalty kick was awarded, but Camilo Mena failed to seize the opportunity. Good news? Tukums went down a man after the second yellow card.

That was not the end of the first half yet, Gustavo Silva elected to finish things off – Gustavo ran into the penalty area, received the ball, and struck it past the goalkeeper.

When it rains, it pours. The half-time break ended with two substitutions – Alvis Jaunzems and Daniels Balodis were replaced by Fraj Kairmani and Niks Sliede. The pace slowed down but there was more to come in goal scoring department.

In the second half three more goals were added to the total. First Gustavo once again proved his capabilities sending a beautiful twister into the goal. The stands exploded in ovations as Leo Gaucho subscribed to the goal-scoring squad and made it 5:0.

If it felt that the last minutes of the game would be boring, things quickly showed that expectations were wrong. After Gaucho’s effort, Ruan Ribero elected to put an end to the match and brought the end result – 6:0.

Our next game will be played in European competition – Valmiera FC will travel to Ljubljana for the UEFA Champions League qualifier where the team will meet the local Olimpija team.

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