First victory in Turkey

13 February 2023

On Sunday Valmiera FC played their second pre-season game in Turkey. In a demanding game, the team scored three goals in the first half to end it in a 3:2 victory against FK Olympic from Tashkent.

Valmiera FC took charge and dictated events on the pitch in the first half, while the opponent struggled to create anything. The first real chance was created by Niks Dusalijevs, who tried to shoot from the border of the penalty area, however, the ball went over the net. The attacking effort continued and the scoring was opened in the 20th minute. Initial attempts were turned away – first Niks Dusalijevs once again tried his luck but eventually, the ball got to Fraj Kairmani who bolted it to make it 1:0.

The game stayed on its path and quickly things turned in favor of Valmiera once again. A counter was started by Dusalijevs as he entered the penalty area, trying to pass the ball to Diop Meissa – that did not connect, yet a pass to Renars Varslavans went through and the player dangled around opposing players to then send the ball into the net for 2:0.

By the end of the half,  the score had tripled – once again with the involvement of Dusalijevs. Even though the initial attempt was once again blocked, the second opportunity presented itself as the ball was then kicked into the lower left corner to round out the half and make the score 3:0.

For the second half, Jurgis Kalns once again made changes sending most of the starting eleven to rest. A new set of players entered the game. With these changes, the tone of the game slightly changed and now the Olympic side began creating their attacks. Klavs Lauva suddenly had to make saves to keep his team up by three.

The first goal for the opponents arrived in the 76th minute – a valid effort where an attempt was made from a sharp angle, but the player in front of the goal touched the ball just enough for it to roll past the goalkeeper.

Then just minutes later another successful run by FK Olympic players – this time the player entered the penalty area by using speed and having options, another similar opportunity arrived as an angled kick was then in the goal. The score suddenly had become 3:2. For the rest of the game Valmiera defended properly and a victory was earned.

Our starting 11 FK Olympic: Klavs Lauva, Daniels Balodis, Roberts Veips, Emils Birka, Kristers Cudars, Renars Varslavans, Alvis Jaunzems,  Fraj Kairmani, Diop Meissa, Niks Dusalijevs, Djirbil Gueye.

The players involved in the game from the bench: Niks Sliede, Maksims Tonisevs, Olgerds Rascevskis, Jekabs Laguns, Kristers Volkovs, Kristians Kauselis, and Ingars Pulis.

Our third match in Turkey will be played on Wednesday, February 15th when we will meet FC Kryvbas from Ukraine.

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