Jurgis Kalns: ”We have to understand that it will not be an easy walk”

25 July 2023

On Sunday Valmiera FC travelled to San Marino where they would begin their UEFA Conference League journey in the second qualifying round against SP Tre Penne. The team arrived in San Marino on Monday and had their pre-game practice after which head coach Jurgis Kalns gave his thoughts about Tuesday’s clash.

The head coach of Valmiera FC, Jurģis Kalns: “The weather in San Marino is hot, but if we talk about heat waves, then we are going on an upward curve. It’s hotter here, it’s harder to breathe than it was in Ljubljana. The practice start time and the game start time are an hour and a half different, so I hope it will be a little cooler. There is a glade around the stadium, there is more space, and maybe the wind will help a little. We are in a high mountain area, so it takes a little getting used to. If we talk about the opponent, then we have to understand that it will not be an easy walk, they are an experienced team. All their players may not be at their best anymore, but they have experience. Tre Penne likes to play with the ball, but we will try not to let them, take it under our control from the first minutes.”

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